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DoLA 整合Foodpanda外卖平台 同步管理 管理Foodpanda 订单 餐馆POS打通

foodpanda X DoLA 

Our POS integrates with foodpanda in Hong Kong

Handle foodpanda orders with one button,
and stay ahead of the peak time rush

Why Integration?

The integration provided by DoLA POS smoothens your operations with foodpanda.

Linkage with foodpanda takaway platform

Without foodpanda integration, your servers need to manually input every order from foodpanda into your restaurant system. It leads to high manpower costs and unnecessary human errors. 

Linkage with foodpanda takaway platform

Powered by the integration, all orders from foodpanda will be recorded by the restaurant POS system and sent to the kitchen automatically, so no manual entry is required. You will get happier staff, more satisfied customers, cleaner kitchen and operation, and eventually, more profit. 

Integrates your takeaway platform now

An even faster ordering process

Automatic, seamless, and beyond imagination 

One button for all 

Directly send order to kitchen after accepting the order


Increase speed of processing orders

Improve restaurant productivity 

Balance the dine-in and take-away orders

One button for all manage foodpanda order with one button, Foodpanda Integration
Foodpanda Integration with restaurant pos no manual entry
​No More Manual Entry 
Staff do not need to record orders manually anymore

Minimize human mistake 

Keep your staff happy and motivated 

Save cost with less manpower required

foodpanda day-end closing

Closing report that summarizes all the orders for you


No extra calculation required

Combine your sales channels

Prevent receipt missing and accounting error

Foodpanda day-end closing no need to recalculate
Unlock your foodpanda Integration 
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