Restaurant chef happy with POS  餐廳服務員使用POS很開心 餐厅服务员使用POS很开心
Delicious Restaurant Food / 美味的餐廳食物 美味的餐厅食物


We put customers at the centre of our business.

Restaurant Cooking instructed by POS / 餐廳根據POS煮飯 餐厅根据POS煮饭
Restaurant manager and owner / 餐廳經理和餐廳老闆 餐厅经理和餐厅老板

You serve your guests and let us serve your restaurants.

Finding the right tools can be challenging but extremely important. 
Powering by DoLA, you could experience high efficiency in business operations that you never had before.  

Before using DoLA

Using DoLA

Inconvenient Restaurant POS / 不好用的餐廳POS 不好用的餐厅POS

Daily Operation

You have to hire more staff than you need to fulfill peak time demand. It’s hard to motivate staff and avoid human error due to multi-tasking. You may need to spend a tremendous amount of time to double-check every bill, money received and closing daily sales.

User-friendly restaurant POS / 好用的餐廳POS 好用的餐厅POS

You can easily save at least 20% of server costs. DoLA takes care of order placements, modifications and check-outs, so your staff can only focus on the customer dining experience. You will spend much less time at closing because everything is already been summarized. 

Bad F&B POS After-sales services / 差勁的餐飲POS售後服務 差劲的餐饮POS售后服务

After-Sale Services

You are struggling to find the right people to take care of your issues and complains especially during peak open hours, and the costs of having service specialist come over is skyrocketing.

Good F&B POS After-sales services / 好的餐飲POS售後服務 好的餐饮POS售后服务

We understand how urgent it can be when you need an immediate response for technical support. Whether on-site at your location or remote, our technician specialist provides momentary support at a very reasonable cost.

old F&B pos system / 舊的餐飲POS系統 旧的餐饮POS系统

System & Software

You may have used your hardware for years and the software hasn’t been updated for a long time. Using experiences are already very unpleasant but hard to find great substitutions.

new F&B POS system / 新的餐飲POS系統 新的餐饮POS系统

We provide you the most current types of hardwares and help you to get replaced whenever they slow your operation flows. Softwares will be updated automatically soon after we made any new updates

Offering reliable and flexible POS solutions.

​To help you save cost and grow business together, DoLA positions itself as:

  • Your partner, rather than a commission taker

  • Your service provider, rather than a product seller

  • Value-for-money POS solution, rather than an expensive computer system

  • User-friendly, clean, reliable, and adaptable rather than complex, hard-to-use, and limited

Freedom to choose and manage by yourself.

You will be free to choose which kind of pricing plans you want to use and cancel it at any time.  

What's more, you don't need to buy any new devices to use DoLA POS for your restaurants as long as your existing hardware meets the software requirements. 

restaurant pos software 	 restaurant POS	 restaurant point of sale and management system 	 catering pos	餐厅收银机 餐厅POS 餐厅收银机,餐厅管理系统,餐厅 点 餐 系统,手机点餐,自助点餐