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About us

Empowered by the data technology, DoLA is a POS management system that helps small & medium size F&B and retailing businesses manage and grow their daily business in an efficient and sustainable way.

DoLA Technology | DoLA F&B Management System | POS | Mobile Ordering  DoLA 餐饮管理系统 | POS | 手机点餐 餐饮管理系统 | POS | 手机点餐

Our Mission

Digitalize & automate the entire restaurant industry and integrate different technologies for the industry

Our Vision

To help all sized of restaurants manage and grow their daily business in an efficient and sustainable way

Our Commitment to Data Security

At DoLA, we're dedicated to safeguarding your data. Our ISO 27001 certification, a globally recognized standard, underscores this commitment.

Top-tier Security

Our systems undergo rigorous evaluations and are aligned with international data security standards, ensuring that every piece of information is protected with the best measures available.

Ongoing Vigilance

We proactively monitor our infrastructure and systems, always staying ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities to guarantee the utmost safety of your data.

ISO 27001
Client Trust

Our ISO 27001 certification isn't just a badge; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to data protection, showcasing our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of security & confidentiality for clients.

Our Recognitions
HKSTP Incubation 香港科學園孵化計畫 香港科学园孵化计划
HKRMA Restaurant POS Awards
HKPC DDIY香港生產力局數碼不求人計劃技術夥伴
Member Company of
HKSTP Incubation Programme
Technical Partner of
HKPC DDIY Programme
HKRMA Smart Retail Tech
Sliver Award
The british chamber of commerce in Hong Kong 香港英商會 香港英商会
AWS SaaS加速計劃
Ingram 英邁合作夥伴
Business Angel Programme
AWS SaaS Acceleration Program
Ingram Partnership
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