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Point of sale solutions that grow your business

Every restaurant business is different and unique.

Our point-of-sale solutions are developed to fit different types and sizes of restaurants and will best help you and your unique business needs. 

Give your staff the best tool to serve

Place orders, send kitchen and check-out with fewer steps.

DoLA restaurant POS interface quick started interface user friendly interface

Quick to Get Started 

Easy setup and only 30 mins needed to master the system


User-friendly interface
Restaurant-tailored process design
No extra training is needed

Simple, and Reliable

Simple for your staff. Reliable for your business


Cloud-based restaurant platform
Patented order management flow
Well-reorganized system infrastructure

More than just Flexible

Our flexibility does not compromise quality


Split order with just one click
Trackable payment history
Minimize human errors with real-time updates

Guaranteed Efficiency

Get things done from counter to kitchen to table


Perfect integration with QR code orders
Auto/manual order verification mode
End-to-end inventory management

DoLA split order  split order interface  flexible catering pos

Empower your restaurant with all-in-one QR codes

Save costs, boost sales, and attract your customers to revisit.

Self QR Code Service

DoLA self QR code  QR code ordering  phone ordering

You serve your guests and we serve your restaurants


Place orders anytime & anywhere. Increase your sales number
Save at least 30% of staffing and reduce chaos
Self-ordering and check out for both dine-in and takeaway customers 

Seamless Customer Experience

Connect with everyone in a more efficient and effective way


Free your staff for better meals and services
Expand your channels to accept orders online
Collect guest feedback and increase customers satisfaction

Patented Design for Bill Splitting

Allow deliciousness and convenience to happen at the same time


Customers split bills with friends by themselves
Split by share / Split by order
No manual calculations

DoLA patented design  DoLA split order  split order
DoLA patented design  DoLA split order  split order

Skip the Line. Be Safe. Be Comfortable

Improve your operation and ensure your customers stay happy.

online queueing  virtual queueing  QR code queueing  DoLA online queueing
online queueing  virtual queueing  QR code queueing  DoLA online queueing

Online Queueing 

Latest queueing method that is safe and comfortable 


Customers queue online before they visit the store
QR codes for queue status update anytime, anywhere
No queue receipt is needed. Increase staff efficiency

One step further...

Advanced functions to secure expansion opportunities.

Loyalty Programme Management

Stay close with your customers.

Loyalty programme management DoLA CRM interface  CRM function
Loyalty programme management DoLA CRM interface  CRM function
Customer Relationship Management

Allow you to maintain good relationship with customers

Reward including coupon, points, prize
Promotion message via SMS/Email
Membership level management

Advanced Data Analytics

​Unlock your restaurant value from the wealth data.

Data Dashboard

Build up a targeted business strategy which can drive profitability.

Summary of sales performance
Advanced level of graph
Extract insight of your day-to-day operations
DoLA restaurant data analysis  data analysis  restaurant performance  restaurant insight
Multi-store Managment
Manage all your store with one device.
DoLA multi store management  manage restaurant performance  restaurant performance software
Align all your stores

Standardize operations across your restaurants

Oversee your team
Update menus for all your locations
Track sale volume and status of each store in real-time
What's more, we integrate with foodpanda

Our SaaS restaurant POS system is now integrated with the foodpanda platform in Hong Kong.

Customize your operational flow

Flexible payment setup for your customers either before the order is placed or after the food is served.

QR Code to place order 掃碼點餐 手機點餐 手機落單 扫码点餐 自助点餐 手机下单
self ordering 自助落單 自助落单
self payment qr code to payment 掃碼結帳 自助買單 扫码结账 自助买单
Place order 下單 落單 下单 落单
self payment qr code to payment 掃碼結帳 自助買單 扫码结账 自助买单

Scan QR Code

Make Selections

Make Payments

Place Orders

Make Payments

Get the right solution for you now.
Start to use DoLA now.

Create your free account within 5 minutes and grow your business now. 

Hardware that simplifies your selling.

Run your point of sale system with hardware that is reliable and fits your needs. Check out our pre-negotiated offerings with hardware manufacturers. 

*Or, keep using your current devices for DoLA POS as long as they meet our solution requirements. 

Restaurant POS Free Demo / 餐廳POS免費演示 餐厅POS免费演示
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