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DoLA Case Study, Successful story, Tin Shing Yunnan Mixian
50% Efficiency increased case, DoLA Efficiency increased case
Case Study with QR Code Ordering, Card Terminal

Tin Shing Yunnan Mixian

A traditional Yunnan Mixian eatery that follows tradition solved its staffing issues by utilising DoLA POS, which improved its efficiency and reduced errors caused by hectic schedules.

 Efficiency Increase

Service included:

QR Code Ordering

Card Terminal

Twelve Flavors

Twelve Flavors, a restaurant chain in Hong Kong, has been a boost in revenue through DoLA's innovative membership feature and foodpanda integration. The approach offers exclusive rewards to customers and strengthens their loyalty to the restaurant.

Cost Saving

Service included:


foodpanda Integration

DoLA Case Study, Successful story, Twelve Flavors
Case Study with Membership, foodpanda integration
15% Revenue increased case, DoLA Revenue increased case
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DoLA Case study with Spicedhamlet





DoLA Case study with One Moment





DoLA Case study with Bubble




DoLA Case study with Sai Yat Cafe

Sai Yat




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Eating at the Bar

Growth Plan User

We are running a French Restaurant Bistro and Cake Shop in Central and started using the DoLA POS since we open. DoLA system is a good fit for us as a new restaurant as it is easy to use, and we found the split bill and QR code ordering functions very useful.

- Polly Tang, Owner of Town 93 Bistro & Cake Shop -

Town 93 Bistro & Cake Shop
Twelve flavours, 十二味

Supreme Plan User

As a pioneer of chain restaurant in using QR code ordering, we have a high requirement on restaurant digital transformation. DoLA technology has overachieved all the requirements and provided those robust features that include membership, foodpanda integration and tailor-made functions. It is grateful to use DoLA POS, and we generously share this great system to others for sure.

- Andy Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Twelve Flavors -

辛手村 Spiced Hamlet

Essential Plan User

 We are the new style of Sichuan cuisine restaurant that incorporate with Bar concept. DoLA POS is a very thoughtful-designed system, the interface is very user-friendly. We are now using DoLA QR code ordering function to reduce cost and increase efficiency, while we can focus more on production and improve the quality of our food. We hope that DoLA will continue to provide high quality services and products for everyone in the future.

- Alex, Owner of Spiced Hamlet -

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