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Empower Your Business and Receive
Up to
$50,000 in Subsidies

Seeking a POS System for Your Restaurant? Get 1:1 Government-Funded Support!

How to Apply

Partnering with DTSPP, DoLA has elevated F&B establishments across Hong Kong, driving digital transformation with our state-of-the-art solutions.

Step 1: Register & Select

  • Create Your Account: Start by registering on the DTSPP portal as an applicant.

  • Identify the Right Solution: Explore the list of digital solutions and select the one that best fits your needs.

Step 2: Engage with DoLA

  • Get in Touch: Contact DoLA for a detailed consultation on our digital transformation solutions.

  • Confirm Your Choice: We’ll help you confirm the solution that meets your business goals.

Step 3: Submission & Approval

  • Formalize Application: Submit your application through the DTSPP portal with our guidance.

  • Await Approval: Our support continues as your application undergoes the vetting process.

For a complete overview of the application process and to begin your subsidy application, visit the DTSPP Application Process.

A professional demonstration of ordering food via the DoLA's Restaurant POS System on a POS machine


The tech-inspired DoLA POS logo, reflecting our innovative, market-responsive restaurant POS solutions for restaurant owners

Advanced, intuitive, and transparent POS solutions for professional restaurant management.

  • Maximize efficiency with seamless, fully-digital workflows.

  • Automate with DoLA POS, cutting costs without losing quality.

  • Boost revenue with optimized order management and analytics.

DoLA Connect

DoLA Connect logo symbolizing the seamless connection between owner, staff, and restaurant through our insightful Restaurant Management Application

Streamlining your operations with our reliable tech solutions, designed to boost efficiency and enhance managerial control.

A preview of DoLA Connect's intuitive user interface on an iPhone, showcasing the robust capabilities of our Restaurant Management Application
A detailed glimpse into DoLA Connect's functionality, presenting key restaurant metrics like revenue and order status for improved restaurant management

DoLA Hardware

Flexible, user-friendly hardware solutions at factory prices, adapting to your dynamic restaurant's requirement.

A user-friendly restaurant POS machine with the DoLA logo, showcasing our adaptable hardware solutions
Restaurant POS Free Demo / 餐廳POS免費演示 餐厅POS免费演示
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