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Digitalize the F&B Industry

Transforming the F&B sector with innovative, efficient, and revenue-boosting digital solutions tailored for modern restaurant management.

Professional technology with DoLA's innovative Restaurant POS System, represented by a dual-toned circle

First Step to Success

We have developed catering digital solutions for different types of restaurants.

A professional demonstration of ordering food via the DoLA's Restaurant POS System on a POS machine


The tech-inspired DoLA POS logo, reflecting our innovative, market-responsive restaurant POS solutions for restaurant owners

Advanced, intuitive, and transparent POS solutions for professional restaurant management.

  • Maximize efficiency with seamless, fully-digital workflows.

  • Automate with DoLA POS, cutting costs without losing quality.

  • Boost revenue with optimized order management and analytics.

DoLA Connect

DoLA Connect logo symbolizing the seamless connection between owner, staff, and restaurant through our insightful Restaurant Management Application

Streamlining your operations with our reliable tech solutions, designed to boost efficiency and enhance managerial control.

A preview of DoLA Connect's intuitive user interface on an iPhone, showcasing the robust capabilities of our Restaurant Management Application
A detailed glimpse into DoLA Connect's functionality, presenting key restaurant metrics like revenue and order status for improved restaurant management

DoLA Hardware

Flexible, user-friendly hardware solutions at factory prices, adapting to your dynamic restaurant's requirement.

A user-friendly restaurant POS machine with the DoLA logo, showcasing our adaptable hardware solutions

Benefits of Using DoLA

You will experience a significant improvement in your restaurants business by using our restaurant solution.

A flat icon featuring stacked coins in increasing order, symbolizing the potential for increased revenue with the DoLA POS system


Revenue Improvement

A flat money pig icon symbolizing cost savings and efficiency in restaurant operations made possible by the DoLA POS system


Cost Saving

A flat icon with a half clock and half gear, illustrating the efficiency optimization that restaurants can achieve with the DoLA POS system


Efficiency Optimization


Leading the way with insightful, forward-thinking industry guidance and trends.


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Discover our clients' journeys

From overcoming challenges to driving growth, see our clients' journeys in our case studies.

Our Recognitions
HKSTP Incubation 香港科學園孵化計畫 香港科学园孵化计划
HKRMA Restaurant POS Awards
HKPC DDIY香港生產力局數碼不求人計劃技術夥伴
Member Company of
HKSTP Incubation Programme
Technical Partner of
HKPC DDIY Programme
HKRMA Smart Retail Tech
Silver Award
The british chamber of commerce in Hong Kong 香港英商會 香港英商会
AWS SaaS加速計劃
Ingram 英邁合作夥伴
Business Angel Programme
AWS SaaS Acceleration Program
Ingram Partnership
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